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Edge Telecommunications

"Edge Telecommunications P Ltd. having an Internet Service Provider License (ISP) Delhi Circle from Department of Telecommunications (DOT) allotted in January 2014 under unified license agreement. Where Edge Tele Communications Pvt. Ltd. associated as Channel Partner with NTT NetMagic Pvt. Ltd. an Entity NTT Japan (Japan Telecom Company) for selling and promoting their COlo/Hosting Services, DR, CDN, MSS, Hana, Cloud Services including Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Multi Cloud Etc. "

"We have a highly futuristic & customized service approach. Which will help our customers not only to manage their networks and infrastructure more effectively and efficiently but also help them to execute their strategic initiatives, globalize their applications, and maximize their return on investment (ROI). We will provide the framework to understand client needs and offer global solutions tailored to match their specific business strategies and objectives, establishing Edge Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd. as the ideal single-source partner for all their Internet/Telecom Solutions needs."

Edge Telecommunications

"ISP is One of the biggest existing and emerging industry in India to support the daily growing data communication needs brought about by advanced internet and corporate business applications. As you expand your efforts to reach customers, partners, vendors, and other inter-company offices via the Web, you need increasingly well-managed bandwidth. Your connection to the Web is only as strong as its Internet link."

"Customers looks models that will not only give them a cost advantage but also provide them with a platform which is adaptive to changing demands at minimal resources and implementable in minimum lead times and above all are reliable and stable to handle their mission critical applications. Decisions taken today should not only consider current requirement but should also be ready for future applications which one can foresee today and also the ones that might be surprise packages. What customers need today is not merely a vendor who can provide cheap & reliable b/w but a partner who can provide business solutions for today & tomorrow. The need is not merely for a supplier, but a Bandwidth/Communications Consultant who can understand customer needs."